Just had some wonderful emails following our CLASSIC NUDE workshop on Sunday so I though I would post theme here and images from the day will follow on Thursday.

Hi Trevor & Faye,

Just a short note to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. I have processed the images in lightroom and have over 100 solid images which are amazing. Yes, I was overwhelmed, I spoke to Mike today and he felt the same. For me, it’s an experience thing. That’s not a bad thing as long as I continue to realise that I’m new to social photography and I have to work on it big time.

Christiana was a beautiful model. It really shows in the photography. The food was amazing and well beyond what I expected. When I state my mantra under my breath “under promise and over deliver”, you guys have shone the torch on an unexpectedly high level, that I will strive for but will take a long time to attain.


Trevor and Faye,

Just a quick note of thanks for putting up with me yesterday. I had a truly fantastic time. Although I spent far more time traveling than shooting it was well worth it and I’d recommend the experience to anyone. The guidance you gave was just what I was hoping for and the endless enthusiasm you have for your projects is an inspiration.


Hi Trevor,

Thanks for yesterday, I really enjoyed it and  was  inspired by your
ideas, but also appreciative of the way you let us set up our own
shots.  I’ve spent the morning telling Jane all about it.

I can’t wait to start working on some of the images.

Special thanks to Faye for feeding us so well and all her input, and
also thanks to Christiane for being so easy to work with.

I would love to come back and see you both again for another workshop
and will bring Jane with me.

Kind regards

Stan Seaton

Hi Trevor,

I’ve still to get round to the photoshop post production. Here is a quote for you “I can’t take my eyes of these photographs. The light was gorgeous and the story that Christiane told was delightful” I’ve never worked with anyone of this quality, Stan said the seminar would be inspirational, he undersold you ;O) You taught me alchemy !!

Back to work ;O)

Regards & best wishes,


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